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Would you like to stay in a wonderful villa with a magnificent view, in the most beautifully preserved corner of Turkey?

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Apollon Villas is a project that has been brought to life after years of thought. Take a look at our villas for an accommodation where you can have a peaceful holiday in Dalyan, the paradise corner of Muğla, enjoy the serenity of nature, and benefit from the advantages of being close to the city center.

Villa Light of Apollon


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Apollon Villas, üzerinde yıllarca düşünülerek hayata geçirilmiş bir projedir. Muğla’nın cennet köşesi Dalyan’da huzurla tatil yapabileceğiniz, doğanın dinginliğinin tadını çıkarırken bir taraftan da şehir merkezine yakın olmanın avantajlarından faydalanabileceğiniz bir konaklama için villalarımıza göz atın.

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dalyan & Apollon


Dalyan is a privileged settlement with a unique nature in Turkey's most peaceful geography. You will find a magnificent ambiance along the canal where the waters of Köyceğiz Lake flow through the reeds to meet Iztuzu Beach.

Cooling off in the clean waters of Iztuzu Beach, being enchanted by history in the ancient city of Kaunos, spending a day among the reeds accompanied by the sounds of the boats during the canal tour, or a nature walk or bike tour among the lush trees. Here are the unique gifts that Dalyan will give you.

Sun God Apollon

The god Apollon, who most deeply affected the culture of the region during the Ancient Greek and Roman periods, was the inspiration for our villas.

The god of music, art and light, Apollon is a powerful figure symbolizing the beautiful and subtle aspects of life. What could better describe life, nature and the flow of life in the Southern Aegean than these concepts?

You will also feel the presence of Apollon, the God of the Sun and Art, in the design of each villa and the realization of the Apollon Villas concept.

Caretta Caretta

Making a long journey from the Gulf of Mexico to the South Aegean beaches, this impressive sea creature is the indispensable symbol of Dalyan. This cute sea turtle, which prefers the sands of Iztuzu Beach to lay its eggs every year between June and August, is not only officially protected, but also protected by the love of both the people of Dalyan and its visitors.

What Surrounded Of Dalyan?

Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach, which is the spawning area of ​​caretta caretta turtles, is one of the best protected and therefore the cleanest beaches in Turkey with this feature. Iztuzu, where coastal construction is not allowed and accommodation is not allowed both on the beach and in the sea in the evening, is that special place where tiny sea turtles that hatch when they are removed, start walking towards the waters of the Aegean Sea to start their life.

Kaunos Ancient City

Kaunos, which was an important port city in ancient times, preserved its weight in the ancient Caria region for many years. The ruins of this city, founded by King Kaunos, who left Miletus to escape the love of his twin sister Bibylis, take the visitors of Dalyan on an impressive journey today.

The rock tombs, which are typical of Lycia and Caria regions, can also be found in the ancient city of Kaunos. Kaunos Rock Tombs, the most impressive view of Dalyan canal, will be an unforgettable sight of your Dalyan visit.

Mud Baths

Köyceğiz Lake is a lake formed as a result of the filling of a tectonic pit with water. An important indicator of the volcanic feature of the region is the underground waters here. Köyceğiz Lake, Dalyan Canal and its surrounding underground thermal waters attract both health seekers and visitors to the region with their healing properties. During your visit to Dalyan, you can stop by mud baths and spend a day both healing and entertaining.

What do we offer?

private pool
mountain view
picnic area
turkish bath
indoor pool
private bath
kids park
ping pong

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Majapahit Beach Villas

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What Do Our Guests Say About Us?


It was a perfect experience!

It was a perfect experience. Murat is really friendly host, he was always in touch during our trip. Every detail is thought out in the apartment so it would be comfortable staying for people of different ages. What a mountain view!

Valentina Alekseyeva

We had a great time at Apollon Villas!

We had a great time at Apollon Villas! Our flight was delayed by over 4 hours so we did not arrive at the villa until 3am. Murat was great! I woke him from his sleep and he was extremely helpful. He stayed up until we arrived at the villa.

Esther Naomi