Dalyan, which is connected to the Ortaca district of Muğla, is one of the coastal settlements with the most beautiful nature in Turkey. In fact, although it is close to Iztuzu Beach, the center of Dalyan, which is 4-5 km inland from the shore as a settlement, is located in a magnificent area full of canals, small mountains and lagoons formed by the waters flowing from Köyceğiz Lake to Iztuzu Beach.
Dalyan, whose population does not exceed 5000 during the winter months, is flooded with tourists in the summer months. Due to the special environmental protection status and protected areas in the region, construction is only allowed to a limited extent. Therefore, facilities such as big hotels and touristic complexes are not encountered in Dalyan. Due to its low zoning rate, Dalyan, where almost all of the houses have gardens and agricultural areas and coastal areas beautify together, is the most secluded coastal settlement in Turkey.
Although the season varies according to the seasons in Dalyan, which has a very long season, the sea season starts in April and continues until November.

İztuzu Beach has a rare feature in the world. İztuzu Beach is one of the most important spawning points on the Turkish coast of caretta caretta / tadpole sea turtles, which are frequently seen on the South Aegean and West Mediterranean coasts and are actually in danger of extinction. With this feature, it is not allowed to stay or spend time on the beach, which is under protection, in the evening hours, and it is also prohibited for boats to stay outside the beach at night. For the same reason, dogs are not allowed on the beach, which is full of turtle nests.

Lycian style rock tombs, which give a magnificent view from the center of Dalyan, belong to the necropolis of the ancient city of Kaunos and are the iconic view of Dalyan. Located on the other side of the Dalyan canal, close to Çandır Village, Kaunos can be easily reached by boat from Dalyan.

Places to Visit in Dalyan

In addition to Iztuzu Beach, there are many coves around Dalyan. Turkey's rare coasts and truly clean bays are located here, as the bays have been able to preserve their virginity at these points where coastal settlements are prohibited or very limited thanks to special environmental protection laws.

Among the main bays that can be reached within 30-40 minutes by car from the center of Dalyan, it is necessary to mention points such as Aşı Bay, Kargıcak Bay and Sarsala Bay. Iztuzu Beach is also a 15-minute drive from the center of Dalyan. The minibus boats departing from the center of Dalyan take the visitors to Iztuzu Beach after a 20-minute canal journey among the reeds.

Ekincik Bay, located on the opposite side of the Dalyan canal, is a bay that has become more famous due to its natural beauties both on the sea and on the coast. The best way to go from Dalyan to Ekincik is by boat, but it is also possible to reach by car.

Due to the fact that its natural areas have remained untouched, there are many places to visit and many things to do in Dalyan.

Dalyan Center


The center of Dalyan, which looks like a cute town, spreads over a wide area surrounded by large and small summer houses and villas. Walks along the canal in the center of Dalyan, eating at restaurants and cafes by the canal, or taking a tea and coffee break are activities you may enjoy.

A not so big street of bars enlivens Dalyan's modest nightlife for tourists. The same street is filled with tourists visiting for shopping during daylight hours.

In addition to fresh vegetables and fruits, it is possible to buy various natural products such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, honey and tahini, which are grown by the local producers, from the village market held on Saturdays in the center of Dalyan.

Dalyan fishing is under the monopoly of the fishing cooperative called Dalko, and live and cooked fish are sold in the central shops, which can be easily seen in the center of Dalyan. The special seafood of the Dalyan region is the blue crab and mullet egg and the skewer obtained by coating it with wax.


Iztuzu Beach, which can be reached by a 15-minute drive from the center of Dalyan, also departs from the station in the center. Another transportation method is a 20-25 minute journey by boat in the center, which is especially recommended for visitors who have not done it before, as it is a very pleasant route through the reeds.

Iztuzu Beach has two ends. There is a beach of 4.5 km between the northwest end, which can be reached by boat, and the southeast end, which can be reached by land. The turtle hospital and volunteer center, located at the southeast entrance of the beach, also accepts day visitors. You can come here to see injured and sick turtles and get information about caretta carettas.

Iztuzu Beach is closed to visitors after a certain hour announced by the gendarmerie in the evening, as it is a turtle protection area. Closing hours are announced by the administration and the gendarmerie according to the season.

The waters of Iztuzu Beach are really clean, and since it stays shallow for a long time from the shore to the open, it is very suitable for children to enter.

Köyceğiz Lake, one of the rare natural beauties of Turkey, is easily accessible from the center of Dalyan via the Dalyan canal. The lake, which is a place to visit on its own, is in a location that can be reached by boat from Dalyan, and offers its visitors experiences for a healthy life due to the thermal waters at various points of the lake.

The route of many boat tours departing from Dalyan also includes Lake Köyceğiz, offering opportunities such as swimming on the lake or enjoying the view.

With the Dalyan canal, Köyceğiz Lake is the natural habitat of many sea creatures and birds. It is possible to witness this unique nature during your visits to Köyceğiz Lake.

Kaunos Ancient City


The opposite shore of Dalyan has important places to visit, consisting of Çandır village of Köyceğiz, the ancient city of Kaunos and Çandır village. It is possible to cross to the opposite shore by ferries, which carry several cars and take only a few minutes to travel. The ancient city of Kaunos is a ruin place 3-4 minutes from the coast by car. Çandır Village, which has scenic spots from the hill to the Dalyan canal and Iztuzu Beach, is also one of Turkey's rare organic farming regions.

By adding a visit to Çandır village to your visit to the ancient city of Kaunos, it is possible to have a pleasant tour that lasts for at least half a day, including breakfast or lunch.

The rock tombs, which are the iconic view of Dalyan, are in the necropolis area of ​​the ancient city of Kaunos, and it is possible to reach these points by climbing from the land.

In addition, Ala Lake, which is the port area of ​​the ancient city of Kaunos, offers a very interesting experience for visitors. While those swimming in the lake, which has thermal springs underneath, feel the hot thermal waters on their feet, they have a unique experience as the parts of their bodies close to the water will be at normal water temperature.

Mud Baths


Köyceğiz, which is a tectonic depression lake, is due to these volcanic features.

In addition to the Sultaniye hot springs, you can take a daily tour around the lake, which also hosts healing mud baths at more than one point, by minibus boats, or you can take a tour by taking a private boat in groups of a few people.

The images, which are covered with healing mud for tourists, are another iconic scene of Dalyan daily tours.

To go to the mud baths, you can take the boats departing from the center of Dalyan or use one of the minibuses that make a daily mud bath visit.



The waters originating from Topgözü Spring and flowing towards Köyceğiz Lake are the tributaries of Dalaman Stream and offer a typical cooling experience in the summer months for Dalyan, Köyceğiz and its surroundings.

Various delicacies, especially trout, are offered to the visitors in the facilities lined down along the river. Especially on hot summer days, you can go to Yuvarlakçay to have breakfast by the cool waters or to have a pleasant meal in the evening.

The best way to go to Yuvarlakçay, which you can reach with a short journey of about 20-25 km from the center of Dalyan, is by private car or taxi.